12 week program

A scientific, personalised

program to heal your gut for good.

You’re at the end of your tether!

You've tried the probiotics, the antibiotics or antacid medications and they just didn't work.

You have been to all the specialists, had all the tests and scopes and scans and apparently it's 'Just in your head' or a vague diagnosis of IBS or gastritis.

Which really means you have an unhappy gut and they don't know what to do!

Then you have taken out foods one by one as they upset you, though your food list is getting smaller and smaller or you just can't pin point any consistency.

You just want someone to listen to you and UNDERSTAND what you are going through and how to heal it.

You want a plan to follow though an indidiviualized approach that is made specifically JUST FOR YOU!

Are you ready to:

Be able to wear jeans all day without having to loosen the button?

Be able to eat without burping, reflux or indigestion?

Be able to poop everyday like a normal person?

Be able to eat healthy, amazing foods without being in pain the following day?

Be confident when you're eat out rather than panicking about where the next bathroom is?

Have joints that are pain free?

Have such a great immune system that everyone else around you gets sick instead of it being you catching everything?

Have the enjoyment and freedom of having a tonne more energy?





It's amazing how once we heal the gut properly, so many other symptoms fade away.

Unfortunately many people can get overwhelmed with restrictive diets, they need more support or they just don't fully understand why having good gut health is going to turn their overall health around.

The Total Gut Reset gives me the opportunity to be there for you every step along the way through webinars and facebook live Q&A's in between personalised 1:1 consultations. You will REALLY learn how the gut works and how you can keep it healthy.

We work through things gradually in a step by step process to avoid the overwhelm, creating new diet and lifestyle habits which are practical and sustainable so you can carry it forward to a healthier vibrant life.


- Those who are looking for a magic pill

- People who are not willing to make diet and lifestyle changes

- Those who are after a quick fix (which won't last)

- People that aren’t interested in getting to the root cause of their symptoms

What people have said.....

Tanya is an extraordinary guide to healing your body the natural way. Her advice and education is priceless and the benefits that your body can start to experience just after a few session speak for themselves. I would recommend Tanya to anyone who is looking to improve their health, sleep and overall bodily functions!

Tanya is a such a knowledgeable practitioner who is so relatable. She consistently gave so much wonderful practical advice that is realistic to implement! So many topics that resonated & underlying all come down to stress.

Tanya is so passionate about what she does. She is real, practical, sensible and approachable. The webinars that she generously provided were informative, motivating, good reminders and helpful to maintain my drive for continual improvement.

So much value over 3 months.......

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One on One Online Consultations  

5 x One on One Online Consultations which maintain a personalised approach to your gut issues. In your consultations your supplement needs will be prescribed and monitored for the best healing success. Cost of supplements are not included.

Value - $545

Weekly Video's  

Weekly recordings and handouts will be supplied to gradually layer in your gut health learnings to cut out the overwhelm. This will provide you with a step by step process in changing diet and lifestyle needs to ensure lasting improvement with your gut healing.

Value - $300

Facebook Community Support  

Access to an exclusive facebook group to share your wins, challenges and questions. Weekly live Q&A's for further support and accountability.

Meal Plans and Recipe Books  

6 weeks of meal plans complete with delicious gut healthy recipe collections and shopping lists. Simple to prepare and tasty recipes to make your gut healing journey easy and delicious.

Value - $360

Bio-Compatibility Hair Test

A unique hair test which identifies the influence (either positive or negative) that each food and product has on the individual body. This determines which foods and products will need to be avoided and which ones can be used. By removing underlying inflammation and feeding the body correctly and it can function and heal much better.

Value $259

6 months access to Naturopathic Yoga

It's vital for our digestive system that our nervous system is being cared for. You will have access to a specialised selection of short yoga sessions which are aimed at relaxing the nervous system and supporting digestive calmness.

Value $180

Practitioner Quality Supplement Access

Not all supplements are created equally and the most expensive supplements are those that do nothing for you. Tanya only uses a very specific selection of supplements that are backed by scientific research and evidence for their effectiveness. You will have access to these at 10% off RRP.


Valued at  $1644

The price of not joining? A lifetime of bloating and painful gut issues?

Single payment of $1195 $995


4 payments of $320 $270

Grab it while it lasts!

Meet Tanya

Functional Naturopath Tanya Jones loves working with a plan and a process especially when diving deep to restore someones gut health!

Having been through her own health journey after being diagnosed with Crohns disease at 19 years old Tanya can understand and empathise with those that have been too 'all the Dr's and tried all the medications' and still their health continues to decline.

Tanya follows the latest research and much of this is finally showing the link between our gut health, inflammation and the presentation of auto-immune conditions.

Her approach is to make things practical and achievable as she guides you on your journey to better health. The results that are then achieved can be taken through for life without your disease defining your future.

Photo Credit - Sophie B Photography

Ask a question......

Another happy person -

I no longer experience the digestive discomforts that I felt like I endured on a daily basis. My skin has cleared up and my overall health has improved dramatically. We are still working together on aspects of my health and I would recommend Tanya to anyone in need of advice. Tanya has also provided me with a sound basis to continue practising a healthy lifestyle that works into my everyday life. I can’t thank Tanya enough for her attention and helping to improve my general well being and lifestyle!!


Valued at  $1644

The price of not joining? A lifetime of bloating and painful gut issues?

Single payment of $1195 $995


4 payments of $320 $270

What will you learn?

1. Digestion 101  

You are what you eat..... digest and absorb. The first step is to make sure you absorption is supported and working well. Just fixing this step means you are going to be getting more nutrients from your food, less, bloating, less burping and less reflux.

2. Starting the day right  

The first meal we work on is breakfast, it's doesn't matter what time you eat it, but it needs to count and set up a happy gut day. Breakfast is commonly a highly processed, sugar filled meal, so we work on good gut healthy breakfast recipes and how to keep those blood sugars stable.

3. What is Increased Intestinal Permeability?  

Understanding 'leaky gut', how it occurs and how to heal it is a vital step to keep a healthy gut for life. We will learn it's relevance with autoimmune conditions, allergies and mood disorders.

4. What's the deal with gluten?  

We talk about if you need to reduce / remove gluten for the healing process. What does this mean? How do you do it? Great gluten free meal replacement recipes will be shared.

5. Dairy and gut Health  

What diary is good to keep in and which should we leave to the kerb? Dairy free recipes and alternative products will be shared. We will also discuss eating for good bone health.

6. Stress and the digestive system  

You cannot achieve a healthy gut without managing stress better. We go through what stress does to the digestive system and the simple stress management rituals which will help turn your gut health around.

7. Sleep  

Nothing within the body can heal without a restful sleep. Our sleep hygiene will become an integral part of healing the gut and the rest of the body.

8. Prebiotics Vs Probiotics

We introduce prebiotics and their role in a healthy gut.

9. The Gut Microbiome - Probiotics

The bacteria that live in our gut need to be in balance for good overall health. Bloating, stomach pains, diarrhoea, constipation, joint pains, mood disorders and autoimmune conditions are all influenced by our bacteria - good or bad. We will learn how to keep healthy levels of good bacteria, and it isn't with a probiotic capsule!

10. The liver and gallbladder

Through the whole program your liver will be getting some TLC too. We will discuss how important the liver is for gut health. What symptoms you might be having if your liver isn't in great condition (e.g. think allergies and acne) and how you can keep it clean.

11. The gut and autoimmunity - how to reduce inflammation

Research is showing many auto-immune conditions linked to increased intestinal permeability. To reduce inflammation in any auto-immune condition going back to the beginning and healing the gut then restoring the gut microbiome are 100% the FIRST step.

And more.........